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Cajun Navy 2016 is ready  to RESPOND
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How to Join The Team


Start here: All volunteers must submit to a background check, please follow this link True Hire the basic cost is $18.95, however, some state, parish, or county offices charge an extra fee. A copy will be sent to us once complete.
    * You may be disqualified for any offense, however, we are primarily concerned with violent crimes, and those that affect the vulnerable; especially children.
Next: Read the waiver below, fill in the application, and sign electronically.
Third: Watch for training events! The best way to help others is to be prepared.
Fourth: Email any certificates/qualifications you may have to Complete these 4 online classes, if you have not already. We know they're not very exciting, but they're a requirement for many training opportunities we will be offering.


  Cost: We love our volunteers, and try to keep your costs as low as possible. We do ask that you pay for your background check and uniform pants.
Uniform: In order to distinguish ourselves from other organizations and allow officials to recognize our volunteers, we require all volunteers to wear a uniform. We will provide you (at no cost) with a SEARCH and RESCUE shirt/shirts upon your first deployment. All you will need to purchase is BDU pants (color OLIVE DRAB), we suggest these TRU SPEC 8 POCKET BDU They are inexpensive and wear well. 

Once you have completed all the steps you will be added to our deployment alert system.



Participation Waiver, Release of Liability & Agreement to Indemnify


In consideration for CAJUN NAVY 2016 and all it's entities  (“Owner”) allowing use of Owner’s equipment, property and/or facilities wherever located (collectively referred to as the “Facilities”) and participation in (the “Activity”) organized by Owner, by signing this document, I do hereby agree and consent to the following conditions:


I understand and acknowledge there are certain inherent risks in participating in the Activity organized by the Owner.  The owner shall not be held liable for any damage to personal items caused by materials used during the Activity.  I assume all risks associated with participation in the Activity.


I certify to the best of my knowledge, my current physical condition is satisfactory for participation in the Activity, and that I am free of any health problem that would affect my ability to participate.


I hereby unconditionally waive and release any right I might have for damages or other relief from Owner, its members, agents, employees or representatives as a result of any personal injury or property damage that I or any person that I bring or invite to the Facilities may suffer during the Activity, including, without limitation, injury or damage arising out of acts or omissions constituting negligence or gross negligence or facts or conditions that would give rise to premises liability.  I further agree to not bring any suit based in whole or in part on any claim covered by this waiver.  I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, Owner, its members, agents, employees or representatives from any claims, demands, costs, losses or expenses incurred on behalf of me or my family arising out of or in the course of or in any way related to my participation in the Activity and/or use of the Facilities.  I hereby further agree that this Participation Waiver, Release of Liability & Agreement to Indemnify is made in accordance with the laws of the State of Louisiana.


In the event of an accident or emergency, I would like to be taken to a hospital for medical treatment and I hold the Owner and its representatives harmless in their execution of this action. Additionally, I hereby agree to individually provide for all possible future medical expenses, which may be incurred by me as a result of any injury, sustained while participating in the Activity at the Facilities.


This agreement is binding on my heirs, personal representatives, next of kin, spouse and assigns.


I hereby give permission for myself to be photographed, videotaped or recorded for publicity purposes and that I waive all claims for compensation.


By signing this Participation Waiver, Release of Liability & Agreement to Indemnify, I state that I have read and understand the conditions set forth in this release and have been given the opportunity to speak with a representative of Owner before signing this release and that I sign this voluntarily.



*  By Signing Below You Agree To This Participation Waiver, Release of Liability & Agreement to Indemnify




In order to participate as a volunteer with the Cajun Navy 2016, please complete the Volunteer Application below:
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