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Sunday, July 07 2019
The lady that donated 4 dollars.

This was an experience that our Northwestern Division Leader  John Able had during our Hurricane Florence deployment last year.


Short story time! 

These may just look like 4 wrinkly $1 bills to most people, but to me, they are an example of people helping people, no matter what. 

Early Friday morning, myself and our team left Lexington, South Carolina bound for Wilmington North Carolina. We had a convoy of about 15 trucks and boats. As we exited off the interstate in an unknown town to refuel, I noticed a small car was trying to merge over in front of me to make the exit. I let her over and proceeded to the gas station. Little did I know, the car in front of me was trying to get my attention. As we pulled up to the stop light just before the gas station, the lady, with 2 kids in the car, jumped out of her car and ran back to my window. I rolled the window down and in her hand were these dollar bills. She said, “I know it’s not much, but I want y’all to have it. Put it towards gas or snacks or whatever you may need it for. We appreciate everything y’all are doing for us!” Of course, I argued with her and told her to keep it but she wasn’t having it. She insisted that I take her last bit of cash that she had on her. 

Thankfully, I had on a pair of sun glasses and Andy Vaughan couldn’t see the tears building up in my eyes. For people to know who we are and what we’re doing and wanting to help us sure helps restore my faith in humanity. 

I didn’t use the 4 dollars. I folded them neatly and placed them in my center console. I’ll probably never use them. From now on, if my faith gets worn thin, I’ll have these 4 dollar bills to look back on. The Lord knew what he was doing when HE decided it was time for us to make a pit stop for gas. 

To the lady with the 2 kids, I hope this makes it back to you some day. If it does, please get in touch with me. Until then, thank you for the generous donation. You are what makes Cajun Navy 2016 so special! 

Please everybody, share this post and let’s see if we can find this lady.

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Saturday, July 06 2019
Cajun Navy SAR

With Hurricane season among us once again we are prepared for whatever may come. The Cajun Navy doesn't just activate during historical flooding situations anymore. We also are an active Search and Rescue Team that looks for missing persons like elderly, autistic individuals, drowning victims etc. We have also been responding to Tornado Diasters, cutting up trees and moving debris. Last year while responding to Hurricane Micheal we were able to raise enough money to purchase some chain saws and pole saws and we have been using them a lot lately.  Thank you for your continued support. God Bless!

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Saturday, July 06 2019
Cajun Navy Documentary

We have exciting news!

Last year Lightbox a production company from London followed us to film our rescue and relief efforts. They did a wonderful job of documenting without interfering, sometimes even assisting. Our volunteers enjoyed interacting with the film crew, and we learned a few things too. It was an honor to be a part of this project. We hope it will inspire others!

Here's a short preview

The Cajun Navy documentary will air July 23, 2019, at 9:00 pm CST 



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Thursday, June 27 2019
First Annual Mass Casualty Training Summit

Help us make this training event a success! We are looking for PARTICIPANTS and SPONSORS!

Cajun Coast Search and Rescue and Cajun Navy 2016 request your participation in our First Annual Mass Casualty Training Summit on Saturday, July 27th, 2019 in St. Mary Parish. The training will be held at Myette Point Landing in Franklin, Louisiana, with accommodations available in Morgan City. Event sponsors include Beacon by Trek Medics International, Monogram Parade, and United Rentals.

Training scenarios available at this event will include:

  • Slack water rescue
  • Disaster water rescue

Medical evaluation

  • Best transport protocol
  • Sonar and dive ops
  • Open area and K9 search including; Aquatic and Open area K9 HRD, Track trail, Best transport protocol
  • USAR; High angle rope rescue and Aquatic rescue
  • ICS training

Current participants include:

  • Louisiana Fire Marshall’s Office
  • Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries
  • St. Mary, Iberia, and Assumption Sheriff Departments
  • St. Mary, Iberia, and Assumption OEPs
  • Southeast Louisiana Underwater Search and Recovery
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • St. Mary Coroner
  • multiple Fire Departments
  • Empact Northwest
  • Triton Relief Group
  • Cajun Navy – Lake Charles
  • Cajun Cooks
  • Cajun Navy 2016-SELA Divison
  • Cajun Navy 2016-NWLA Division
  • Cajun Navy 2016-Alabama Division


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Sunday, March 11 2018
 White House Bound to Support Texas and the Astros

Jon and I are honored and grateful to announce The White House has invited Cajun Navy 2016 to the ceremony honoring the Houston Astros! This time Jon will be bringing 5 members of our group with him. It is truly a blessing to have a POTUS who understands and recognizes the significance of citizens helping citizens. Hundreds of men and women volunteered their time and resources to help over the last 2 years, and many continue to do so, we would like to thank each of you. We are excited to be able to share this experience with some very deserving men, who were an integral part of the Cajun Navy movement during the Hurricane Harvey disaster and recovery. These men show what can happen when everyday people step up to help others. In a continuation of support for our neighbors in Texas, we will be at the ceremony Monday honoring the Houston Astros for their World Series Championship!

  John Able is from Blanchard, La. John has a 6-year-old son. John and his team, started rescues on Monday August 28th in Dayton, Tx. On Tuesday, Lee Tullis, Dylan Lumpkin, Mal Sneed, Dustin Jones with S3 Powersports, and John, launched in the Kingwood area where they spent 13 hours rescuing in different neighborhoods by way of the San Jacinto River. On Wednesday they helped to evacuate the Robert A. Bowers Civic Center, it was a designated shelter holding 500 people, and had started taking on water the night before. After that they went on to Port Arthur and combed through the neighborhoods looking for anyone needing rescue.

   Daniel Richardson has one son and is originally from French Settlement, La. Daniel has lived and worked from coast to coast and border to border. He moved back to Louisiana 3 years ago.  Daniel is a pipe liner by trade and is currently working for WB SHEDD Mechanical Division as a supervisor. After receiving a phone call from his sister n law, informing him that the Cajun Navy 2016 was looking for volunteers, he hooked up his airboat and headed to Costco. Daniel was in our first group of volunteers to head to Texas. Daniel, along with Brady Jordan and Kiran Chawla with WAFB news, spent several days rescuing in and around the San Jacinto River area and Orange, Tx.  

   Ben Husser resides in Hammond, La. with his wife Barbara and their children. Ben has been an active member of the Louisiana National Guard for 26 years. He has been actively involved in all hurricane and storm missions in the state of Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina. During the Great Flood of 2016, Ben was doing boat rescues in Robert, Denham Springs, and St. Amant. When Harvey struck, he led a team of over 50 volunteers in Channel View, Tx. Later he was asked to help in Port Arthur where he found a flooded nursing home with over 70 residents. Ben led the charge to bring the residents to safety. Today, he continues to volunteer as a leader and prepare Cajun Navy 2016 for future events.

 Billy Brinegar resides in Watson, La. with his family. Billy is a father and grandfather. He has been in the auto repair industry for 26 years and owns Budget Transmission in Baton Rouge, La. Recognizing a need and being someone who desires to help others, he loaded up his cooking supplies and drove to Pasadena, Tx., where he spent days cooking and serving those in need. Along with the help of James Martin and his daughter Megan Johnson, they were able to serve 3000 plates of jambalaya!                                                                                                          

 Rev. Louis Husser is the senior pastor at Crossgate Church in Robert, La., where he has served for the past 26 years. Rev. Husser has served as a minister and evangelist for over 40 years including; Disaster Relief Chaplin for Louisiana Baptist Convention, former Chairman of Louisiana Baptist Convention for Moral and Social Concerns, gospel recording artist, and is currently authoring a book entitled “How to Forgive”. During Hurricane Katrina, Crossgate served as a hub for needed supplies, several tons of commodities poured through to those in need. In 2016 Crossgate flooded, yet they were determined to help their community before rebuilding. When Harvey hit, Rev. Husser wanting to give back, gladly joined his son in a boat doing rescues in Houston, Channelview, Beaumont, and Port Arthur. Rev. Husser was instrumental in helping Cajun Navy 2016 to move supplies into Texas.

Thank you and God Bless!

Jon and Laurie Bridgers

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Thursday, February 01 2018
A Gift for the President

Of course when you’re going to the White House to meet the President you want to bring a gift! Jon and I decided a personalized shirt would be perfect, but how do you order one without giving out your secret? Well you call Kathy Bordelon and Megan Gwatney with Monogram Parade, LLC! I called Monday morning telling her what size I needed, asking how quickly could she get it, and oh! By the way I needed a name added, but I won’t know the name till later... lol Friday when I texted the name to her and explained I needed complete confidentiality, let’s just say she was very surprised! They got our shirt done immediately, kept our secret, and insisted on donating the shirt and a hat! Kathy and Megan have donated many shirts to Cajun Navy 2016, we appreciate them and their quick excellent customer service!

Thank you and God Bless!

Laurie Bridgers 

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Wednesday, January 31 2018
The White House Calls

On Sunday the 21st of January, Jon received a call from The White House, the caller stated, “ The President would like to meet you in DC, would you be interested?”  Jon jokingly said, “ He would check his schedule!” And then of course said he would be honored to be there. As you can imagine it was the longest week of our lives. We wanted so badly to tell our family and friends, but “The White House” asked us to keep it confidential. And when the President asks you to keep it quiet, you do! Lol... Days before our flight it started to weigh on our hearts that we would be representing so many people who gave so much; time, love, compassion, and effort to help so many. What kept coming to mind for me was the women who just showed up at Costco the week of Harvey to help. These ladies worked tirelessly, dispatching, directing, taking calls continuously, and loading boats and trailers full the supplies being donated from our Baton Rouge community. Let’s just say “The Ladies of Cajun Navy 2016” are awesome! There are endless stories of people in our community stepping up to help others, it was truly the Lord at work. What happened during Harvey proved citizens helping citizens works. There truly are people who just want to help others. Numerous groups and individuals showed what can be accomplished by the hands of many! We certainly knew going to DC would be an honor, but we had no idea how humbling it would be. We spent 12 hours with some truly amazing people and heroes! The most touching moment for me was a conversation I had with Otto Warmbier’s father. If you don’t know his story look it up. After everything his family has been through, it was so moving to hear him say he still had hope! We are leaving DC with hearts filled with love and hope for our great country! 

Thank you and God Bless! 

Laurie Bridgers 


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Friday, January 19 2018
Cajun Navy 2016

Cajun Navy 2016 is a Nonprofit Corp committed to citizen lead search and water rescue. Everyday men and women using their own boats and assets to save others. If you would like to become a member visit our website @ and fill out the Volunteer form.

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Friday, January 19 2018
Hurricane Harvey.

The water is gone but the destruction is still visible. Texas has a long road ahead of them. Please keep them in your prayers. Check out Cajun Navy 2016 @

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Thursday, January 18 2018
Become a member of Cajun Navy 2016.

  It's a new year and Cajun Navy 2016 is looking for members. We are forming an official SAR"search and rescue"Team. This will keep us active year round and not just during historic flooding. We currently have individuals with K9s, medics, LEOs, firemen, sonar specialists, underwater recovery, drones, cook teams and of course boats. Sign up. We would love to have you. Go to, click volunteer and fill out the application. God Bless!

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