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Thursday, February 01 2018
A Gift for the President

Of course when you’re going to the White House to meet the President you want to bring a gift! Jon and I decided a personalized shirt would be perfect, but how do you order one without giving out your secret? Well you call Kathy Bordelon and Megan Gwatney with Monogram Parade, LLC! I called Monday morning telling her what size I needed, asking how quickly could she get it, and oh! By the way I needed a name added, but I won’t know the name till later... lol Friday when I texted the name to her and explained I needed complete confidentiality, let’s just say she was very surprised! They got our shirt done immediately, kept our secret, and insisted on donating the shirt and a hat! Kathy and Megan have donated many shirts to Cajun Navy 2016, we appreciate them and their quick excellent customer service!

Thank you and God Bless!

Laurie Bridgers 

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